The Story of Bottled Water- Really Cool Stuff

A couple of days ago my aunt posted this video on her Facebook. It's called The Story of Bottled Water and it tells about the bad things about bottled water and why we should just drink tap water anyway because it's easier, better for you and the environment, and thousands of times cheaper. It's by the same people as 'The Story of Stuff' which I also recommend. I really think that we should try and heed these warnings and drink more tap water. The link to the video is below- please, please, please watch and get ready to tell me what you think- tomorrow's post will be a discussion about the movie and what we can do to be environmentally friendly, so please check back for that!

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Unique/and/Crazie said...

Cool! And my school orchestra is playing Viva La Vida! I'm a viola! And I play flute. I'm not very good yet but I'm sure I will! Anyways.... I do have a reqeust... Do you think you could put a video of you playing you Cornet on Treble Cleff? I would really like to hear you play!

With Love,

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

you know- i've wanted to do that for a while but there are 2 things stopping me. first- i am still struggling to upload videos (i may be good at graphic design but i'm NO techy) second- i can't find a computer program that will not warp my cornet/trumpet/trombone sound and so it sounds really sounds pretty bad even though i'm an extremely good player. sadness. i'm working on it. keep checking back.