C'mon. It's APRIL. You've got to be kidding.

It's April. APRIL. And it's been above 80º all day. Craaaazy! The warm weather made me remember how much I love summer! An only 41 school days until it'll really feel like summer. Cause I'll be free and on vacation! Anyway, I really hope this great weather holds, because I'm enjoying it. My French teacher's plant is growing stronger, the grass on the ball field is a lush green, it's 4th quarter, but still. I'm stuck inside taking notes on various subjects all day. Yuck. And speaking of school, I am finding that my classes seem to becoming awfully repetitive. So every day I am going to log what we did in each class. (I'll be excluding the following classes because it's OK to be a bit repetitive cause they serve different purposes: Gym, Chorus, Band. They will be included with just the name though) Here's today's:

French- Went over what will be on our quiz on Friday and did participation points

Social Studies- Listened to teacher review previous notes, and then took more notes

Science- Took more notes



Math- Did worksheet

Language Arts- Had third day of preparation for job shadowing. This was actually quite fun. Can't wait to get back to regular class on Friday. *rolls eyes*

What I really can't wait for is to see the results after several days and compare to see if they are really as repetitive as they seem! Also, I've noticed lots of comments lately and I've greatly enjoyed reading your thoughts. I'm glad that you've found them enjoyable!

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Hayhay said...

Lucky, all we have here is rain rain rain!