Winner, Leaving, etc.....

First of all.....we have a winner! I had so much fun reading all of your answers (they were ALL hilarious) but my decision is.......OBOE.CHICK!!!!!!! Congrats Oboe.Chick, email me at so we can figure out what you want for your header :)

Now about the leaving. I'm headed up to the grandparents tomorrow with XanFan, but I should be able to post (See posts from last year's adventures up there HERE- Post titles: Vacation: Fun or Boring?, Hip Hip Hooray!, Porcupines, It's Raining......., just plain old STUFF, my story, deer and polls, Home Today!!!. Wow I was NOT a very good writer last year.)

Anyway. My band folder has reached an astounding record. It weighs 8 pounds. Wheeeee. Another heavy thing to drag around. :P

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