oh it's fridayfridayfridayfriday FRIDAY!!!!!!

YAY!!!! My favorite day of the week has arrived again! After a long week of schoolwork, abominable tests, and busyness in general, it's almost the weekend where I get to finally relax. Except. Not this weekend. *SIGH....* I've got a lot of stuff coming up here's the update:

Tonight- I'm going to my friend Ripplestar's after school (maybe we'll do a conversation post or something)

Tomorrow- I have a make-up trumpet lesson in the morning and in the evening I have my conformation sleepover at the church, and we've been promised not sleep at all.

Sunday- Church (have to do yet another worship reflection), show a movie after church to people who are considering going to the summer camp Pilgrim Lodge, and then that night we've got Jazzapalooza from 5-9!

Monday/Tuesday- Back to school with TOOOOOOOONS of tests.

Wednesday- Job shadow day! Woot!

Thursday- Half day of school, hanging with friends in the afternoon and we're on VACATION!!!!!!!

So yeah. I'm busy.

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