Very Fun.......CAPTION CONTEST!!! :)

Well, I thought we needed some excitement here and we haven't had a caption contest in a while. The rules are simple- just create a funny caption for each of the pictures below and whoever has the best wins a header! Cool huh? Yeah :) Anyway I've only got two more words to say.......HAVE FUN!!!!!!












♣Delaney/Faytespirit♣ said...

PIc #1: Harry: WOw that one dude's shirt is Ugly!

Ron: I'm Appauled!


PIc #2:
Harry: Did you see this book called twilight?

Herminey: Yeah... disgusting.

Ron: I kinda liked it.....

PIc #3:
Harry: Put some pants on!

Herminey: Looking away.. looking away.....

Ron: I hope he doesn't take my twilight books!

PIc #4:
Snape: Your handwriting is sloppy!

Harry and Ron thinking: Yeah! Cuz you r touching our heads! Messer upper....

PIc 5:
Harry: It's cold out.

Herminey: Dead bunny is on de ground..... :(

PIc 6:
As if you can outrun me! As if you could fight me off!.....

Whoops wrong lines.

Pic 7:
Harry: OW!

TEach: Not touching you.....

PIc 8:
YOu two are back?.... AGAIN?

PIc 9:
Ron: FOOD!

Harry:Wait! It's not christmas!

Ginny: That food looks really good......

PIc 10:
This beard is really dragging me down.

MadiShae said...


Hermione: "Hocus Pocus," she says as a black hole opens up in Harry's back and Ron's eyes pop out. (Or some sort of spell :))


Harry: "Now, this says, 'TOIDI NA M’I.' Now, say that backwards."

Hermione: "I'm an idiot."


Ron: "Oh, no."

Hermione: "What is it? Is Snape after us?"

Ron: "No, it's my mom."


Snape: "Boogy, woogie, woogie." (Random)


Harry: "Your hair smells nice."


Whoever this guy is: "I told you, mother. STAY AWAY."


Harry: "What did I do this time?"

Other guy: "You used MAGIC to sharpen your pencil."


Boy: "Why do they keep following me?"


Man: "So, what do you kids want for christmas?"

Harry: "A puppet."


Guy: "Why did I ever take this job? I could be a succsesful cashier in Cleveland by now."


Ripplestar said...

1. Am I the ONLY one who knows how to do this??

2. Family around the fire!

3. Omigod, it's a thestrel!

4. Child cruelty, anyone?

5. Worried much?

6. I am a vampire and I have come to eat you because I am Edward Cullen.

7. Mad-Eye is boss. Even though that's not him...

8. Psychiatric ward. Need I say more?

9. Happy Christmas From the Weasleys!

10. I am Dumbledore and I have knowledge that is superior to yours.

horse lover said...

lol! they are all funny! I can't match them. But I Vote for #1

oboe.chick said...

1. You know, it's rude to point you wand at other people.

2. How do you pronounce this word?

3. That's one big spider.

4. Don't you dare touch our hair again!

5. Gee, I'm kind of sad.

6. Fear me!!

7. Ow! My arm kind of hurts. . .

8. Hey! Look at me when I am talking to you!

9. Pie anyone??

10. This is where I usually sit when I am sad.


I like how you used Harry Potter for the caption contest!

Xander said...

1.whos the one who can turn you into a toad? i am! read this you might get smarter cough cough dumber
3.its a bird its a plane its snape! ahhhh!! must feel the books pain was a snowy evening when harry went to do stuff
6.two hands just to be safe
7.ahhh he can see my brain!
8. i am a weirdo go away
9.on christmas ron eats cupcakes
10.i am an old man, but who says i have to act like one!