A very long day *sigh*

5:45 AM: Wake up, get ready for school

6:53 AM: Leave for school

7:03 AM: Have rather interesting and important conversation with my band director

7:15 AM: Training jazz- rocking out on the piano

8:00 AM: French class- Quiz on the verb 'avoir'

8:40 AM: Social Studies class- Tiring research and note-taking on World War One

9:35 AM: Science class- Note-taking, and free time to talk to Elránia

10:30 AM: Gym class- Lots and lots of really hard running

11:10 AM: Lunch- uneventful, for once

11:30 AM: SSR...

11:45 AM: Math class- annoying exponential work :P

12:40 PM: Language Arts- lots of tedious vocabulary work (including but not limited to: stupid paragraphs and alphabetizing 60 words)

1:35 PM: Study Hall- More talking with Elránia

2:15 PM: Working with French teacher on her blog

3:15 PM: Head over to high school to work at HS state jazz festival

6:38: Get home, write this post

6:59: Publish post and crash.

It has been a loooooooooooooooong day.

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Ripplestar said...

But it was fun, too, right?