Could it be?

(Before I start, it seems like the budget situation has become much less serious, only in the past couple of days, so we've hopefully gained a few years of time)

Ahhhhh. Yesterday sitting in school, did not feel like March 8th. Instead in felt like the end of May with warm sun streaming in the windows, clouds lazily drifting past. It was really hard to focus on algebra! After getting home and just bopping around a bit, I went outside where XanFan was and I just lay in the grass and watched him play basketball, and watch the sun slowly sink down to the horizon.

Last thing in this slightly random post. Today are student conductor auditions in full band and needless to say, I'm quite hyped up! People who go to my school here's a little note for you: I'll probably be going around all day humming Scherzino and conducting 2/2 time. Don't be alarmed.

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