A Beautiful Day

After a stressful and long day of classes which was mostly spent by doodling on my math papers (WHY does that always seem to happen?) and staring out the window to the sunny day outside (And I was stuck inside listening to my teachers drone on....and on......and on......) 2:15 finally came. I decided to go and do some extra French practice with Bella but that really didn't happen. I found instead found myself re-doing my teacher's whiteboard and getting engaged in some very interesting conversations. My French teacher is so funny. She and my band director are right at the top of the 'best teachers ever' list in my mind. :) Anyway, I got home around 3:30 and now I am sitting on my porch swing typing this post. It's warm out, the sun is shining, and I'm listening to the birds sing, the song of windchimes and the joyful sounds of Owl City pouring out of my laptop. Tomorrow is the state jazz festival and the first day of spring, but for right now, I'm perfectly happy with Friday afternoon.

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