Supposedly Big Day for Pisces

Yes, being born at the end of February, I am part of that fishy little Pisces group who never gets the good luck in horoscopes. My mom's one too. Anyway, someone recommended this astoundingly reliable astrology site, and she checked it out. And whatdayaknow? Apparently we get a year of lots of good luck every twelve years because of the position of Jupiter I guess. But good *years* aside, today is supposed to be the best day of my year. Or a really big day. It went on about creativity and romance and considering what I've got planned for today all that was pretty laughable, so I'm curious to what's going to happen. This is what I have planned:

Finish Post
Eat Breakfast
Go To School
Annoy Band Director
Have Morning Classes
Eat Lunch
Have Afternoon Classes
Play Clarinet
Go Home
Eat Snack
Do Science Project
Do Other Homework
Wash Trumpet & Trombone
Eat Dinner
Lounge Around Reading, Watching Food Network, or Posting About Day
Go To Sleep

So it's pretty much your basic Monday, with the exception of washing the instruments, I'm only doing that 'cause it's concert and state jazz week. With such a normal schedule, what's going to be so extraordinary. If you're a Pisces, then watch out! Today just might be, your lucky day!

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Kendra Logan said...

Lol, hmm, sounds interesting! Wondering how this turns out!