My Birthday Surprises

Wow. I had a great evening last night. My grandmother came over and we started out by having a yummy veggie and bean chili. I got to into great detail about the upcoming talent show, and after that I opened my presents. Mostly I got cool music stuff. My grandmother made me 2 pajama bottoms and a pillowcase out of music note fabric. Got some treble clef jewelry, over the door hanger, socks and t-shirts. But the biggest surprise was a new digital camera! It's a Sony, not an SLR, but about as good as you can get without it being an SLR. I can't wait to play with it some more, but no pics yet because we haven't figured out the connecting the computer to the camera stuff yet. 


Alexandra said...

Cool presents!! :)

**Happy 14th Birthday!**


★Silverstar★ said...

Awesome! LOL, we're both getting cameras for our 14 birthdays (mine is in the mail right now). And isn't it neat, you are EXACTLY one week younger than me! That's so cool! Happy Birthday! :D