Featured Blogger: Elránia

Welcome to the newest feature of Treble Clef! Elránia here has agreed to being my first victim- er - volunteer.

First I asked her some questions:

1. Who/what made you start blogging?

My friend The Cornet Crazie and Olive Tree first started out with a Warrior Cats blog, then we made our own and The Cornet Crazie helped me set up my own.

2. When did you start blogging?
My very first blog I started February of 2009

3. What has been your blogging journey?
Well, my main blog wasn't my first one, but a creepy stalker person was following my old one so I deleted that one and made my new one. I started out like every other blogger, not the best in the world, but I got more followers other than the people I knew in real life, and my blog just improved from there and now I have over 100 followers!

4. Have you met some good friends on blogger? 
I really can't single anyone out. All of my blogger friends have been great and have helped me so much.

5. Why do you blog?
Because blogging is totally awesome and it would be a little stupid for me to not continue it because (I think) that my blog has been quite successful.

And here is the review of her blog:

Elránia runs the blog Of Elven Elránia and Her Horse. It's very nicely down in a soft pink, and it's very easy to read. She's got a lot of cute little things on her sidebars, but it's totally not messy. She posts pretty much every 2 or 3 days about her life and especially her horse Jewel. I always look forward to seeing the latest barn photos too! Also, she's got a playlist, with some great music. All in all, if you haven't checked out this blog, you should, and soon!


Ripplestar said...

Cool! Can I be your next person thingy?

Eldarwen said...

This is cool! Like Olive's. *sniff* Man... I shouldn't have said that. Now I've got myself all upset again. I can't believe she left. :'( Anyways, congrats Elrania on being a featured blogger on Treble Clef! {hugs}