March Concert

I totally forgot to mention this, but our March concert is this Wednesday and I got to design the program cover! It's above, but as you can see I've done a couple of editing things to it. I blacked out the name of my school and my name at the bottom but everything in red is just to help me explain. Let me tell you how I did this wonderful picture.

When my band director first asked me, my first question was: What's the theme? She answered "I don't know, most of the pieces are pretty imaginative" So I went from there. When I first thought of 'imagine' I thought sky. So that's what I did. Each of the larger clouds focuses on one of the pieces that the particular band is doing. I labeled them above. 


Anonymous said...

good luck at the concert;-)

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Ripplestar said...

Newcastle on the TUBA!!! It's amazing!!!!!