Talent Show!

Yes! I have been looking forward to today ALL WEEK. Why? Because tonight is our school talent show, that's why! My very good friends Super Gato and Elránia will continue the comedy saga we began last year with The Faculty Meeting Disaster. Super Gato plays the 6th grade math and science teacher, Mrs Pitt, Elránia plays herself, continuing the important role of student, and I play my band director, Mrs Barry. I choose to play her because she's my favorite teacher and I can make myself look almost EXACTLY like her. In fact, for the posters that we made to tell about our act, I put a picture of myself next to a picture of her, and seriously, the resemblance is creepy. Plus she told us that we had a lot riding on doing really well tonight, our band grades staying the A's that they are right now in fact. As she told us before practice yesterday:

"If you break anything tomorrow night that prevents you from playing at the concert, I'm flunking you."

She might have been joking, but needless to say, some of the crucial parts could be slightly dangerous (i.e. throwing Elránia across the stage, doing a knee slide that usually goes to the very edge of the stage; we don't want to be falling off and onto the risers!) Anyway, this post was waaaay too long, I've really got to get ready for jazz band.


Emma said...

hahaha, sounds like LOADS of fun. i wish i could be there to see you! have fun!!


Ripplestar said...

IT MADE MY DAY. It really did. Anyway, I wonder if our resemblance is creepy... Mrs. Dugas called me Sally in math the other day :P

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

It was amazing Emma.

Ripplestar- that's crazy cause she didn't even have me as a student!