Rapping For A Cause

Today was a half day at school, which means we got out at 11:45 instead of 2:15. YAY! Anyway, on half days, instead of having really shortened classes we do these cool projects and stuff. Today we began a service project for Goodwill. We learned about all the services that they do and so on and so forth. And then what we got to do is begin an advertisement for them. It could be for TV, radio, magazine or newspaper and focusing on one of their services or whatnot. It was SO MUCH FUN. I wrote this rap song about going green at Goodwill and it turned out pretty well. As Bella said: "If I heard you doing that on TV, it would totally make my day." Because the truth is, the people at Goodwill are going to choose some of the best projects and actually use them! And it's only our 8th grade class at our school that's doing this! Pretty cool huh? The lyrics are below. Soon me and my friends will go down to our local Goodwill and film it.


I say a boom boom boom
Go a green green green
Goodwill is green
goin' green green green


Recycling and cloth bags
To help our planet,
Goodwill loves the Earth
And works to save it!


Chemical cleaners,
Not cool at Goodwill
And eco-friendly lights
Drop the energy bill.


Central distribution
Buyin' in bulk
They clean up landfills,
You can't find a fault!


So now you got my message,
Goodwill is very green
So when you wonderin'
Where to shop:



Go Green!

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