Halfway to 1000

Yep! This is my, Treble Clef's, 5ooth post!

I'm feeling in a great mood after last night's talent show, we won 3rd place, and as an added bonus we didn't hurt ourselves and Mrs Barry was laughing and not crying after so we still have our A's!

Anyway, to celebrate this amazing feat of 500 posts I think I've got some great things for you guys. First, because all my followers are awesome, here's something for you to put on your equally cool blogs:

Pretty, right? Now the next thing is that we're going to have a contest. It has two parts and you must do both!

Part 1: Write a short story or poem about your passion.
Part 2: Capture this passion in a photo.

You will be judged on:

{For Part 1} Writing style, emotional impact, and voice.
{For Part 2} Creativity and quality.

Each part is worth 5 points and the person with the most points wins! [there will be a prize]

Please post your entries on your blog and comment with the link, or send them to me at

Results posted Sunday the 21st.

Finally, I am hosting a giveaway. 5 lucky people will win a set of a header, button, and post divider! All you have to do is:

1st entry: Comment saying why you want to win
2nd entry: Comment saying that you follow this blog
3rd entry: Comment saying that you follow Anecdote
4th entry: Put my blog button on your blog and tell me in a comment
5th entry: Post about the giveaway on your blog and comment with the link


Ends Sunday the 21st!


Elránia said...

Happy 500!!!!!! We rocked last night!

Izori said...

Wow! My schedule is too crowded to participate, but have lots of fun, everyone else!!

Eldarwen said...

Congratulations, Cornet! =D

1. I want to win your giveaway because my blog is freaking out on me and I need a new header to be able to change my background. :)

2. I follow your blog! =D

3. I have your blog button on my scrolly thing. :)


Alexandra said...

Congratulation on your 500th post!

I'll enter the contest soon, but here is the info. for the giveaway:

1) I want to win because I just made my main blog about a few weeks ago and most of it is pretty dull and I need some graphics on it!

2) I follow Treble Clef

3) I followed Anecdote

4) Your blog button is added on my blog

-Alexandra :)

Ripplestar said...

I want to win because I haven't won any of your contests yet, and they're really fun.

I follow your blog.

I follow Anecdote.

I think I have the button on Low Brass... but I don't know how to if I don't! :(

Ripplestar said...

Well, I didn't put a bog button on but I put a linkish thing on saying Does that count?

♥~*Shadowflower*~♥ said...

for the give away:

1. I would like to win because Pantherclan is a little....ok a lot...Boring.
2. Yep I follow!
3. Uh, I'll have to check and see.....Yes.
4. Yes! Did that!
5. ok. here it is: