A Day in DC

Today we went to DC! We had a very good time, although my feet are killing me from standing so much. My dad and XanFan went straight to the Museum of Natural History, while my mom and I headed over to Holocaust. It was freezing!!!! Seriously, the AC was cranked up so high that it was hard to stand and read one little thing without wanting to move to warm up. And of course, my dad had the sweatshirts. Other than the temperature though, I did like learning a bit more and getting to see all the artifacts and stuff. For the afternoon, we went over to Natural History as well which was nice and warm and VERY cool. I absolutely loved the ocean exibit. We wrapped up the outing with dinner with some family in the city and then we headed back here and I'm about to play the card game 'war' with XanFan and my dad.

Tomorrow we are going splunking! (Cave Exploring) I've really never been in a honest-to-goodness CAVE, so that will be fun :)


Emma said...

Frederick, eh? I am kind of close by! :)

Splunking sounds like a lot of fun. We went to Gettysburg and explored near Little Round Top, but splunking would be extremely hard-core! Have fun!

Frangipani the Fish said...

Sounds like you hd fun :) You will seriously love caving. Unless your claustrophibic . I love caves. Although I'm always scared it's going to collapse.

-Frangipani the Fish

Jo March said...

How fun! We live only about an hour and a half from D.C. :)

Alexandra said...

Sounds fun! I've never been cave exploring either--how cool! :)