Featured Blogger: Hannah

Please welcome our first featured blogger on Treble Clef: Hannah from My Nutty Life!

Hannah has been on blogger since November 2009 and has a few blogs- her main ones being My Nutty Life and Find That Creative spark. She posts often and has good clean designs. Check them out and follow!

This is the interview I conducted with her:

What is your blogger name and why? I chose my real name, Hannah, because I wanted my readers to be able to see the real me, and my real name would help that.

What is the title of your blog and why? The title of my first blog was "The Nut's Blog". I got horribly sick of it and when I switched from Wordpress to Blogger I changed my title to "My Nutty Life". I do have a slightly nutty life and I wanted readers to know about it :)

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Definitely more of a dog person! I really, really don't like cats!

Describe your dream future life. Wow! Well I think I would be a homeschooling mother of a bunch of kids, a happily married woman and a professional photographer. I would live in a beautiful house either on the beach or by a lake and I would have written a few best-selling books :)

How long have you been on blogger? Since November 2009

Do you have any pets? Nope. I wish I had a dog, though.

Do you have any siblings? I have two younger brothers and a younger sister, ages 11 3/4, 10 and 8.

What is your dream vacation? Probably a luxurious house on the beach in Hawaii. :)

What is the quote that speaks to you the most? hmmm........ I'm not sure! I've never thought about it :)

What are your favorite song lyrics? 

"Look at the world like you've never seen it before,
Breath the air like its new.
Life is a true miracle and I'm blessed to be me,
And you're blessed to be you."

Of these, which describes you best: Musician, writer, athlete, photographer, scholar, or artist?
At the moment a photographer!

What faith do you practice (if any) ?
The Catholic faith.

What are some of your favorite foods? Hamburgers, pancakes, chocolate cake, french toast, bagels, mac 'n cheese and tacos!

How are you educated?
I'm homeschooled and I'm proud of it! :D

What are your favorite subjects in school?
Writing, art, maybe even math this year because I'm going into algebra! 

You mentioned that you would like to have kids in the future. What would you name your baby boy? Girl? For a boy either Caden or Jake, for a girl either Jennifer or Lucy.

What song are your favorite lyrics from? *blushes* actually, their from a song that I wrote. Its the first time I shared them with anyone :) and thats all I'm going to share! Just a sneak peak! :D

What kind you camera do you use for your photography? I use a Kodak point-and-shoot but I'm hoping that I'll get a new one for my birthday

Have you always been homeschooled or did you ever go to a public school? I went to preschool but since then I've always been homeschooled :)

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So I'd say that this featured blogger thing worked out, huh? I'm going to try and do this every other weekend- if you want to be featured, just shoot me an email!


Miss K said...

Great interview! It was great getting to know Hannah even more! :) Hannah, you're song lyrics are very good!!

Hannah said...

hehe thanks so much!

Alex said...

I'm getting a Kodak Point-And-Shoot for my birthday in about a month.

Emma said...

It's great!