Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Today my immediate family and my grandmother went to a Sea Dogs game! The Sea Dogs being an affiliate of the Red Sox, I put on my Jacoby Ellsbury shirt and snagged XanFan's Boston cap. (and my ticket of course)

Before the game started, I took some pics around the stadium.

If a Sea Dog makes it to the big leagues, they get their name up in the park.

The umpires and captains had their meeting at the plate...

And I snapped a photo of the infielders right after the national anthem.

Then the game began!

Right off the bat (hey, that's funny!) a member of the opposing team hit a foul ball into the parking lot- right into some poor person's windshield!

After the first inning, Slugger made his tour around the warning track.

During the course of the game, each of us ate a Sea Dog Biscuit. (as usual) Yum!

We had lots of strikeouts!

The score was back and forth the whole time- making it a very exciting game, but in eleven innings the Sea Dogs finally prevailed with a final score of 7-6.

So with the win, the lighthouse in center field popped up to celebrate the victory.

The Sea Dogs were very happy to win, and it sure was a fun game to watch!

It's raining now, which is good for the soil because we haven't gotten a lot of rain this summer. It's kinda nice 'cause I can wear sweatpants and cozy up with a book and some hot chocolate. The season- it is a'changing.

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