Home Again, Off Again

Whew! I am finally home- but not for long. Let's start by talking about yesterday. It was an AWESOME day at the beach. The water was warm, it wasn't broiling up on the sand, it was perfect. Except for the jellies at the beginning, of course. I hate jellyfish, and it's all because of one nasty incident two years ago in Cape May.  Let me explain. I was having a great time bodysurfing with XanFan and my dad. I had just had a particularly good ride in and I ran back into the water and dove into the waves. Straight into a large jellyfish. Let me tell you- jellyfish stings all over your face and left shoulder are very painful. But yesterday, luckily, I only got a small sting on the palm of my right hand.

In the evening we left and began the 8-9 hour drive home. The Garden State Parkway was waaaay backed up and we didn't get home until 4. However, when we were almost getting off the last highway when we say the moon rising. It was stunning. It was huge and orange and it hovered over the horizon in the slimmest crescent you can imagine.

But anyway. I'm off again today bound for Pilgrim Lodge, and to keep you entertained while I'm gone, XanFan will be guest posting here. So see you all in a week!


Hannah said...

Hey! I'm back from my trip and I can send you your prizes! Can you email me? You'll find my email on my blog!!


Emma said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun! I'm jealous!