Beach Days

Have I MENTIONED how much I LOOOOVE the beach?

It must be something about my being a picses, because I could totally live in the water.

Swimming, swimming, swimming. All day long.

As you may have guessed, we're in Cape May now!

And we went to the beach (of course) and the water was simply glorious.

MUCH warmer than it is at my house, eight hours northward.

And the waves! Oh the waves!

Perfect for body surfing.

I love the beach. LOVE IT.

Like I said, I'm a pisces.

Well, time to make dinner now! Grilled corn on the cob, fresh green beans, grilled porkchops and grilled portabella mushrooms for us vegetarian types :)

And then of course, back to the beach tomorrow....


Emma said...

I absolutely love the beach too -- except for I don't love body surfing as much as I do boogie boarding!
:) Emma

Megan said...

Hey! I know you love writing and so do a lot of your followers. Well over at my Christian Magazine blog I'm hosting a story contest where each story entered {as long as it's appropriate} will be published in my magazine, so If you would post about it with all the followers you have I'm sure I'll get a few more entries.

Thanks a ton,

Miss K said...

Ooo, I'm soooo jealous!! I love, love, love the beach!! :)