Well Here We Go!!!!!

This is my first post so......................
               Today I really wanted a cat or a dog, but I'm not sure which. They are both pretty awesome but they both mark their territory which i wouldn't want to clean up. Dogs are playful and like to play fetch but their slobber is really gross. Cats are funny and cute but get tired easily :(. Please comment and tell me more traits about cats and dogs and also what do like better cat or dog?                                     



horse lover said...

Okay, dude. Firstly:
Dogs: Playful, Trainable, can be trained manners, if neutered don't mark their territory and can be house trained if not neutured, females don't mark places, you can teach them agility which is awesome!, And you can show them (I don't) and they are GREAT guards. Haven't seen a deer around for MONTHS!! True! And they keep stray animals from eating compost and stuff. They can be trained out of anything. They say Pit Bulls and dogs who have been killing chickens CAN NOT be trained out of it. NOT TRUE! Cesar Millan did it!! WATCH HIS SHOWS IF YOU GET A DOG!!!
-And last but not least, they NEED to be Michrochipped. They also may roll in things...

Cats: Not easily house trained, don't eat much, scratch couches, BUT!!!: They don't have much matenance, they catch mice, they keep away snakes (By eating rodents), and they are pretty intertaining as kittens. Also Catnip is funny to watch but NOT ALL CATS respond to cat nip. They do NOT need baths and they don't usually roll in dead animals. All in All. I LOVE dogs and I would get another dog. Dog's (to me) are very healing. I was super down about who knows what and I sat next to Snapshot and Diggity. They sensed my 'down ness' and just sat next to me. They nuzzled me and stuff. I love dogs. I wish I could have ahwole pack of them! :D if you do decide ot get a dog PLEASE read up on ALL of the things about them. I don't know how much you know but DEFINATLY read Cesar Millan's stuff. ( ) SO anyway, have fun with your pet and PLEASE do not get a Pit Bull if you are not an experianced dog owner! They are rather difficult and can be what mean people whodon't understand them call, 'blood thirsty' but the Red one ONLY happens when they are not exersized properly. Any dog can get into the red zone. Just some easyer than others. So have fuN! Good luck!
PS: I hope I didn't sound too forcefull or like a dictionary! If I was out of line PLEASE tell me!

Shelley said...

Wow! Just looked at your pics and that last one scared me a bit! Just kidding!

I would prefer a dog because you know what they say, they are man's best friend! They are more cuddley and playful. And you can also teach them cool tricks!

Maybe you should try pet sitting a friend's dog and cat to give you more of an idea of which pet you like more! :)

Frangipani the Fish said...

I have both a cat and a dog, and the cat is much easier to look after, but the dogs are more fun. 

My cat does it's business in a hole he digs. I think my parents trained him like that. 
My Cat doesn't lose much, if any, hair at all
My cat cleans himself. 
My cat sleeps almost all day, but that's just because he's really old, like 13. 

My dogs do their business all over the backyard. 
The house is covered in hair. Dog hair. But that's only certain breeds. 
Our dogs get really stinky so we have to wash them. 
Our dogs don't play catch
Our dogs don't slobber

If you're always busy, or lazy and can't take them on walks often, get two so that they get fit playing with each other. But be warned. They tear up the grass when they run round corners and now our backyards a dirt pile.  
Also, cats dig their claws into you leg (in a good way) when you scratch them behind the ears and it hurts. 

I wouldn't be able to pick just one.  Both cats and dogs have their negatives and positives. 

Hope I helped :) Let us know what you get. 
Frangipani the Fish

P.S. Some people have allergies to cats and dogs. Maybe ask your friends if they have animal allergies before you decide. 

Angelina Johnson said...

I have a dog and he's really fun to play with and stuff. Just like Frangipani the Fish, he does his business all over the backyard. Cats are easier to take care of because they don't need to be taken out on walks or washed a lot, but cats aren't as playful sometimes

*Shadowflower* said...

I say a cat. (please read this to the end Cornet)
They are really easy to take care of, all you have to do is feed them and change their litter! Cats are also very cute and good company. But I suggest if you get a cat to keep it inside. We had a couple of outdoor cats that ran away and never came back.... *Sniff*

Cat's Advantages:
. Easy to take care of
. cats are portable alarm clocks!! LOL it's true!
. it's nice to have a warm something sleeping on your feet on a cold night.
. they're cleaner than dogs.
. they wont grab your sock and run off with them like a dog.

Dogs may be cute and loyal but they're also.....

. Slobbery...
. They need a lot of attention
. they're very hyper.
. they're big.
. theyt cost more money. (doghouse, leash, collar etc.)

Hope this helps Cornet!

Frangipani the Fish said...

To ShadowFlower,


My cat DOESNT wake me up.
. They also get in the way iof you wanna stretch out while sleeping.
. Cat's sometimes use your furniture as a scratching post.


. My dogs AREN'T slobbery. It depends on the breed.
. They're not hyper if you take them on enough walks. It aslo depends on the breed.
. Again, it depends on the breed. My dogs are just as good as big dogs (corgi and jack-russel).
. Leashes and collars arn't expensive, and you don't NEED a dog house. Vet bills do cost a lot though

And in response to Cornet's latest post, you can get dogs that don't lose hair. But the ones that don't lose hair are the ugly ones, like poodles and Chihuahuas