Hello Lobster in the Mirror

Well, you can certainly tell that I've been at the beach the past three days, that's for sure. Even though it's been nice and warm at home, my body hasn't actually looked like it was summer until now. Pretty pale with now freckles to speak of. Pretty odd, actually. But then you stick me out on a beach for three days, about four plus hours per day and finally I look like it's summer.

 No more white- or at least, not a lot :) Course, it's not like deep tan, but I sure do like a darker color now that it's summer and all.

But the heat and sun can also make you look quite lobster-like, even if you re-apply the sunscreen. So half of me is red, and the other half is tan.

And my face has popped out into millions of freckles. Especially on the nose.

And the hunmidity does make my hair frizz, but when the sun catches it, it looks more like deep auburn than brown which is nice.

So lobster-ness is annoying but basically, I'm glad that I'm finally catching up to summer. :)



Maggie said...

Sigh...I actually have a "tan" if still being pretty white counts!

My hair starts getting WAY curly in the humidity then get's all frizzy. It's quite frustrating since I spend a while straightening it in the morning!


Ashley said...

You've been tagged! :)

Brooke said...

Hello Cornet Crazie! I'm pretty sure you remember me... you might. Anyway, I saw you on (of)Horsefeathers and I wanted to see your blog. Well, I really love your blog! It's beautiful-and I *love* the music.
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Farmgirl said...

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