So what's changing?

First of all, I must say thank you very much to the 13 people who took my blogger survey! You may still take it to give feedback at anytime that you wish. Everyone had good information and ideas that are now being incorporated.

Many of you said that you would like to see a new look soon. Well, you should be getting a little tired of 'Summer Storm' because it's been up since the beginning of June and the beginning of the summer months. But guess what? It's almost September and time for the fall theme! 60 Treble Clef readers voted on the theme poll, and the decision was 'Vivid Leaves'. Yesterday I put in my request for her 'Just for You' package that I won in Hannah's photography contest. So a new fall theme coming in early September!

With the new theme will be a slightly different layout. The blog will still be 3-column, but both sidebars will be on the right, and the post area will be large enough to hold X-Large pictures!

Also, the playlist has been moved to the bottom of the blog so that you can see the whole player, and the stats are now on the sidebar.

Many people wanted more pictures in the posts and I am going to try and add more of them. For now, here's a nice picture of a geranium on the front porch:

Readers mentioned that they'd like weekly polls just about basic things about the bloggers who follow/read Treble Clef. I liked the idea, and so I'm instituting it. Please check out the newest poll!

Finally, (I think), to get a variety of posts out there, I'm going to be hosting featured bloggers on Treble Clef! Please email me at if you would like to be interviewed here!

My buddy Ripplestar is coming over today and I haven't seen here in a really long time, so I'm excited!!!


∞Ripple∞ said...

you should be excited. :) i am tooo!!

The Golden Eagle said...

I can't wait to see the new look! :)

Nice geranium! I love those flowers.