Slipping Away...

I. Am. Flabbergasted. (Haha. I love using that word) I go back to school two weeks from tomorrow. Ahhh! Where on earth has this beautiful summer gone? Like, I'm up at my grandparents for a few days and then marching band starts next Monday (so excited) and the first day of high school on September 1st. Like WOW. But really, I am so not ready to think about school quite yet. So here's a quick recipe for a yummy summertime drink that is really easy to make and that I love. I don't want to let go of summer quite yet.

Cornet Crazie's Recipe for
Easy (yet delicious) Iced Tea

First, boil a bunch of water, and wash a container that can hold hot liquid.

When the water boils, pour it out into your container (it really can be any size)

Next take tea bags of your favorite black tea. Red Rose and Lipton work well. If you are using a small/medium/large container, put in 3/4/5 tea bags and put on the cover.

Steep for 5 minutes, then take out tea bags.

Fill a glass with ice and pour. (It's OK if it's still very hot- the ice will cool it immediatly)

Add lemon, raspberry, and sugar to taste.

For a yummy twist on the concoction, pour half the glass with lemonade and the other with the iced tea.

Also, I changed my signature and I LOVE it. It's really close to my own handwriting.


Katie/Popular Joker said...

I'll have to try that recipe sometime!

Eldarwen said...

I agree. Where has the summer gone? :(

Ooh, I'll try that the next time I make tea!! :D


Alexandra said...

I'll definitely try the drink soon! :)

[Laurea] said...

Sounds yummy :) So how ya been, Cornet? We haven't talked in a really long time!


Cornet Crazie said...

Eldarwen- One minute there are two months left and in the blink of an eye- it's two weeks!!!

Laurea- No we haven't talked in a while- that's not good! I've been good, how about YOU?

[Laurea] said...

Ah, besides this whole carpal tunnel thing, I've been dandy. xD