This weather is just... weird

Some days, like Wednesday, are freezing cold, while others, like today, have 90 degree temperatures.

Some days, you can't find enough shade from the heat, and then some day the frigid downpours chill you to the bone.

Some trees have begun to lose their leaves and sport bright foliage, while the grass abundantly grows bright green in some lawns.

It's all quite annoying actually. On some of these days you may see me walking around in a spaghetti strap tank top, short shorts and flip flops, and then the next day jeans, long top, hoodie and converse.

The seasons are totally messing with me. Some nights I have to play with my plastic mouthpiece because it's so cold, and others I long for the cool touch of the metal.

Some days, I want nothing more then a cup of hot cocoa and a nice shower, but the day before I hid away all day in the A/C and repulsed the thought of a hot drink.

Today is scorching. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

*note* School starts Wednesday. As in two days from now Wednesday. Eeep!

1 comment:

Logan said...

Hey, a fellow musician! Awesome. You must not live in the South. There are typically only a few main kinds of weather: hot, muggy, humid, and scorching, and everything in between.