Answers Among Other Things

Put your hands together and give a big round of applause to Olive Tree and Robin Blogs for this awesome fall look! I hope you like it 'cause it's staying this way until December. :) I did get some questions for the last post and (as promised) here are the answers. I hope that you learn a little bit more about me.

Emma @ Summer Girl
Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I'm really more of an early morning person. As I've mentioned before, many of the posts during the school year are before six in the morning!

Have you ever been to Europe?
*sigh* Not YET, but we may go to France for April vacation.
What do you hope to go to college for? (scholarship possibilities)As of right now, music education. I could probably get a music schoalship.

Zoraz @ Dog Trainer In Training

Whaz your FAVORITE book?
THAT, my friend, is and impossible question. Just look under my profile :)
Favorite blog?
I love any blog that I follow.
 Love dogs?
Not a bit. I adore cats, but I am very allergic and can't be around any animals for extended periods of time.

SofieRose **I have no blog

What is your favorite fruit?
Mmm. I love fruit. Raspberries, grapefruit, watermelon and pineapple are at the top of the list.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so, what other countries?
Let's see. (I live in the USA) I've driven to Niagra Falls before so Canada. I went to Grenada in 1st grade and Belize in 5th.
Do you like cooking or baking?
Yes I do! In fact, I baked some brownies yesterday. Yum :)
Olive Tree @ HorseFeathers

May I ask why you're doing this little exercise?
To let my readers learn more about me through their questions.

Have you checked your email recently (re: blog design)?
Ripple @ Low Brass
Hmm, How do you feel about homework?
Depends on the assignment and how much of it their is. If I have five subjects that I have homework in and hours of homework for each then it's torture.
Favorite kind of sandwich?
Swiss cheese, lettuce, mustard, cucumber, pickles, potato chips, s&p, on white.
Now, do you like or dislike palm trees?
I love them. (not that we have any where we live)


horse lover said...

That was so fun! I love this idea!!

Emma said...

Interesting! Love it!