Arrival @ Destination Uno

After an eleven hour drive (with one stop at a hotel in New Jersey to sleep) we finally arrived at our first destination- Our grandparents place in Maryland. The drive was very long and tiring, especially in the3 backseat where I get very carsick, but we did have some interesting moments. Such as...

While driving through Massachusetts, (After about three hours of driving) my dad heard a funny little noise. Suddenly a grasshopper jumps out of nowhere and onto the dashboard, staring my mother in the face......while she's driving 75mph on the highway. Naturally, we go crazy, but my dad finally catches in and throws the grasshopper out the window. And that was all the excitement we had.

And now, a couple movie reviews from XanFan, on the two movies that we watched during the drive:
YEAH GO ME!!!!!!!!!..........ok
Night at The Mueseum:
Good movie and it's good because I like it. OK, but seriously, it's pretty awesome because evrything in the New York Museum of Natural History comes 2 life and the dude almost gets fired twice and then these dudes try 2 stael the thing that makes the museum come 2 life.SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch it.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
so its different from the book in a lot of ways but its still cool. so Mr. fox buys a tree nd his wife says he has 2 stop stealing birds but then 2 years later he starts staeling them again and then its the same as the book pretty much so ya bye seeya IM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Cornet Crazie back here. I appologize for all of the awful grammar in the above. Like I said, that's not me typing. Off to the pool later, and D.C. tomorrow!)


Emma said...

where do your grandparents live?? I might be close by! :)

Cornet Crazie said...

in a town called frederick. haha, that would be funny :)

Amanda said...

Frederick is a couple of hours north of where I live!

[Laurea] said...

Hey do you know where in New Jersey you stopped? LOL I sort of freak out when bloggers come to my area :)


Cornet Crazie said...

Cool Amanda!

Laurea- I have to admit, after so much driving I was half asleep by the time we got to the hotel at 10 o'clock last night so all I know is that it was about an hour and a half down the Garden State Parkway... However, on Wednesday I am actually going back to NJ to stay until late Saturday down in Cape May, and since we'll be going all the way down the Garden State, I'll probably be near you at some point in time, lol.

Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

I lufffff Night at the Museum, even though Ben Stiller kinda sorta bugs me.

But Fantastic Mr. Fox...mehh

God Bless!

[Laurea] said...

LOL I'm in VEEERY Northern NJ, about 35 minutes away from NYC. So YAY! You were probably somewhere around me at one point in time!