Well, Hello Again!

HEY GUYS! (sorry, I'm a bit enthusiastic) As you can tell, I'm back from camp...but I'm not home yet. I'm actually at a campground with some of my extended family over the fourth. And when we go home on Monday I'm STILL not going home! I'll be straight off to Elrania's to hang with her and Olive Tree and some other people for Elrania's birthday.

But anyway, camp. Pilgrim Lodge (Arts Alive week) was AWESOME. The torch-lit vespers services, the foggy morning swims, laughing, hanging in cabins, instrumental workshop, God's presence and everything else that makes PL so special. It was an amazing week bar one factor. I, Cornet Crazie, managed to hurt myself. (yet again) How? By simply hopping off my bunk and plunging my heel into an extra-long pushpin. Ouch. I took many pictures, and will be sharing them as soon as I return home! (and on the subject of pictures, did you check out Olive Tree's recent post about our trip to the beach?)

Anyhoo, I'm wicked tired so I'm gonna sign off now. See ya in the morning!

(PS- Elrania and Olive Tree: Thanks for your sweet letters that you sent to me while I was away. Love you guys :) )


Alexandra said...

Glad your back! ^^

Sorry about that push-pin... :(

Eldarwen said...

I'm so glad you're back, Cornet!!! :D Eep! I'm glad you had a good time at camp! I hope you have another good time at Elrania's birthday party!!

And yes, I saw the pictures Olive posted about the beach. They are really good! Looks like y'all had a rockin awesome time!! :D

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Thanks guys!

horse lover said...

Sounds like you had TONS of fun!!
Ouchy on the puch pin. Did it go allt he way in????!?!!!

[Laurea] said...

Hello, Cornet Crazie! I'm just commenting to tell you that you won an award on my Blogger Beauty Pageant on my newest post! Feel free to take the award if you'd like.

[Laurea] at Center Stage