Band Camp- One Week Of Heaven

With the posts these next few days centered around the end of the contest and winners, I realized that I probably wouldn't be able to do a post about band camp before I left! So, well, this is it. Band camp starts on Sunday and this also means that I'll be saying goodbye to you all for another week. (*sob*) Other than that, band camp is like one week of heaven- for the most obsessive band geeks. Why is it heaven? Just look at the daily schedule for Monday-Friday!

                        7:00-7:40                       Breakfast
                        7:50-8:00                       SMJMA meeting (band room)
                        8:00-9:20                       Concert Band
                        9:30-10:25                     Sectionals 
                        10:40-11:40                   Jazz Bands/Small Ensembles
                        11:40-12:30                   Lunch break 
                        12:30-1:15                     Non-musical activity (A-H) 
                        12:30-1:25                     Chorus (I-Z)  
                        1:35-2:20                       Non-musical activity (I-Z)
                        1:35-2:30                       Chorus (A-H) 
                        2:40-3:55                       Concert Band 
                        4:00-5:00                       Jazz Fundamentals/Small Ensembles
                        5:00-5:50                       Dinner Break
                        6:00-6:50                       Jazz Band winds/percussion small ensemble
                                                            Choral ensembles/other special ensembles
                        7:15-8:30                       Evening concert or activity
            9:00                              On the floor
                        9:15                              In the room
                        9:30                              Lights out!

Just awesome. On Sunday of course, we do less since check-in is between 12 and 2 and we have to do auditions and get music and all that jazz but still. The above schedule for 5 whole days??? Awesome. I've been working on my audition pieces for soooo long and they sound really good; I want to make first trumpet in bother concert and jazz band so that's why I've been working so hard :) Anyway, that's where I'll be next week.


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Shelley said...

I'm not really into music, but it sounds like you'll be having a lot of fun! :)