PL Pics

With all of my talking about Pilgrim Lodge, I'm sure that you all have been dying to see pics of this fabulous place! Haha. I uploaded them this morning so here they are!

When I first got to camp, I learned that I was to be in cabin 10, so we grabbed all of my stuff and lugged it down the boardwalk.

After meeting my counselor, taking my swim test, and saying goodbye to my parents, I made myself comfortable. I set up my bunk and put my books on a little shelf and arranged all my stuff.

Everyday was so much fun with lots of things to do! One of my interest groups on Tuesday was 'Sun Guided Meditation' otherwise known as tanning on the docks. It was actually an interesting experience! I grabbed the necessary items from my cabin and set up.

Before reading my book I decided to snap some pics. The buoy line and raft were first on my list! 

I took a moment to take one of the two islands in front of the camp. Manitu on the left and Wilderness on the right.

Uh oh! Looks like a storm might be rolling in!

The impending weather couldn't stop me though- it wasn't raining yet! I decided to take some shots of the dock itself and of some shadows.

This large thunderstorm was drawing closer though, so I took two more pictures before running back to my cabin.

The first was of some trees on Manitu.

And the second, a reflection of me in the lake.

I barely made it back to cabin 10 before the rain and lightning began!

Throughout the rest of the week I took some pictures of my surroundings, such as this one of painted rocks between cabins 9 and 10.

I love how the leaves drape over the railings of the boardwalk!

We have a beautiful outdoor chapel for all of our services. I know that the pic is dark but it depicts the lake, dappled sunlight and the birch cross.

This last picture is once of my favorites, just showing the beauty of nature and God's wonderful creation.

In celebration of 100 followers, I'm going to be having a contest! (details tomorrow) Right now, I'd just like to ask if someone would be willing to (a. make a button for the contest or (b. offer a makeover prize. 

Comment or email if you'd be interested!


Eldarwen said...

Cornet, it looks like you had an awesome time at camp!! =D Thanks for sharing the pictures! They're really good!! 8D

Awel Prince says on her blog that she's willing to do blog makeovers for people who want to host a giveaway. Oh, not to mention it's free. :) Head on over and see for yourself (it's on her sidebar under Want To Host a Giveaway?):

I would offer... if I knew how to do that stuff. lol :)

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Thanks Eldarwen, I *did* have a great time!

Thanks as well for the recommendation, I've emailed her and am waiting for a response :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Nice pictures! :)

Amanda said...

Hey, I'd also be willing to offer a makeover prize from my design blog:
Let me know if you're interested, you can email me at
I can also make a button for the contest - let me know!

Sparks fly said...

I like the picture of the painted rocks and the last one. :-)