A Contest Entry

Hello everyone! Not much to report- just another lazy summer day! My mom and I rode our bikes down to the beach for a little while but it was REALLY hot so we came back pretty quickly :) Anyway.....

Hannah @ My Nutty Life is having a photography contest with the theme of Summer Fun! The grand prize is a blog makeover by Olive Tree, and I'd just love it if I was able to win and have a fall look on the way for September. (Please vote on the new poll!) Here's my picture:

This picture really sums up summer fun for me. First of all, it's water and that IS where I seem to spend a whole lot of my time during the summer. What can I say? I love the beach, I love the sting of the salt, I love waves crashing on me and the sand, I love splashing my friends (even if it means getting splashed back), boogie boarding and bodysurfing. But this picture, while it isn't calm water, it doesn't show roaring waves either. It's simply a ripple splashing on the shore. To me this is playful and free- just like summer. A time where you can kick back, relax, and just have some time to be yourself. There's no school, there's nothing to worry about, you can just let go. 
Go on.
Have some fun and be free.

So that's it for that! Did I tell you that my family is going on a trip next week? It's not much (and I'll have the laptop- yay!) but we're going to Maryland to see family, D.C. to see family and sight-see, Delaware to see family, Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, and finishing up the week with some time down in Cape May! (to see family) We're going to leave after XanFan's camp gets out on Friday and the worst part of it will be the first drive from here to Maryland- 12 hours. (or thereabouts) Ouch....


Eldarwen said...

That's a beautiful photo, Cornet!! :D

The Golden Eagle said...

I love DC! :D

Cornet Crazie said...

Eldarwen- Thanks. It's a favorite of mine.

TGE- Me too. I loooove seeing all the cool sites! This time I'm going to be going to the Holocaust museum.

Amanda said...

(Ha! You'll be RIGHT near where I live in MD)
I actually haven't been to the Holocaust museum in DC, but I have been to the one in Jerusalem (that was intense...).