Deep Clean (and happier topics)

Today we did some deep cleaning of the house. This means cleaning the basement (*dies*) and dragging everything not-too-heavy out of mine and XanFan's rooms to deep wash the carpet. That's actually probably a good thing since my carpet is supposed to be a nice light aqua and XanFan's a bright yellow and they were both looking rather gray...gross. Plus straightening and cleaning every other room. My mom wanted the house clean (with three out of four people in the family in school this past year, the house was not always up to it's...cleanliness) and XanFan is having his birthday party tomorrow. His actual birthday is on Monday, but the party is tomorrow and it's a sleepover. With eight other boys. Tell me. Does being in the same house as nine ten and eleven year old boys from 4pm to 10am sound like a bundle of fun? Oh please, please, help me.....

But as I mentioned in the title, I have time for happier topics too. :) Such as.....105 followers! Awesome! And the great enthusiasm for the writing contest. The entries that I have read so far are excellent, I can't want to read more. Keep 'em coming! Also, I decided to have a little fun with my profile. First I did change my name to just Cornet Crazie. I mean, why have the 'the' when even I don't use it? And I updated fave books/movies and stuff and wrote a funny little about me. So check out my new profile! Also I'm on the hunt for a new profile pic. Sound good? Haha. (I'm in a good, laughing my head off, mood- can you tell?)


Eldarwen said...

Deep cleaning does NOT sound like fun. You poor dear. I feel for you!!

I'm so excited about your writing contest! You have gotten quite a lot of entries! And congrats on 105 followers, girl! You deserve every one of 'em! :)

The Golden Eagle said...

I like the new profile. :)

Cornet Crazie said...

Awww, thanks Eldarwen :) And yes, I'm very excited about all the entries! It's going to be a very hard choice- I'm glad that I won't have to make it alone and have 3 other judges to help.