Entry for Inspiration

Hello everybody! I have finally taken my photos for the Inspiration contest over at (of) Horsefeathers!

But first, did I mention that XanFan got a Nerf gun for his birthday? No? Well, he did, and now the whole house looks like this:

Now for the contest photos:

Music is my first inspiration. There are so many types, a song for every mood, that I can never stop from being inspired by it. This picture shows the music for me with my trumpet, mutes, scattered sheet music, and baton. I like the way that the music is spread out, it makes this orderly picture seem just a tad disorganized.

And my second entry: The simple things in life. The simplest things can have the biggest impact. A colored pencil, a silver ring, blue marbles and a bandanna may seem very ordinary, but in all their simplicity, they are beautiful. 

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Eldarwen said...

Great pictures, Cornet!! =D