Just An Update

Well, I don't have much of one topic to focus on in this post, but I do have some little insights and ramblings to share so, well, yeah. And because I'm *so* organized I'll even write out a little table of contents for you all.

Topic A: World Cup
Topic B: A Project
Topic C: The Remains of Summer
Topic D: Anything I've Forgotten

So. The world cup. The finals are on right now, but I'm not watching (duh. I'm writing this post). I guess I'm just not that interested- but I have decided that I needed to choose a team to at least cheer on. So I chose the Netherlands. Go Orange!

Earlier I think that I might have mentioned that we're trying to figure out getting me a desk for my room. It became apparent that it would be good to have one during this past school year when many days I would came home from school and I was stuck on the couch in the office with my laptop and all my books and binder strewed around me. But anyway, this whole desk thing has turned into a cool project. Yesterday, my mom and I went to staples and got four stackable dark blue milk crates. Those will be the sides and supports of my desk and I can use the crates for storage too! We also picked out this awesome vibrant teal swirly chair. Now all I have to do is paint a piece of plywood my desired color, lay it across the top and TA DA! One perfectly suitable desk and chair, all for around $60. Not bad at all. :)

Eep! Only seven more weeks of summer! I thought I'd just lay out my schedule and stuff. This week (July 11-17) there's not much going on except for XanFan's 11th birthday (I survived last night!) tomorrow and of course, the conclusion of the writing contest at the end of the week! From the 18-24 of July I unfortunately will NOT be able to post (*sob*) because *drumroll* I'm gonna be at band camp! Oh my gosh. Been looking forward to it ever since it ended LAST year! The last week in July I'll be around except for about a day when I'll (hopefully) be out on Snow Island with Olive Tree. So fun! Next week I'll be in Cape May, NJ, week after that it'll be back to PL, week after THAT Xanfan will be at PL, the last full week in August is when marching band starts (*squeals*) and finally on September 1st, we're back at school. Phew! Busy summer! :)


Maggie said...

I loved the random post. Thanks for sharing!


Emma said...

haHA! spain won! for the first time!
sorry, i just LOVE soccer if you haven't noticed and I watched the world cup from beginning to end!:)