It's over and the winner is......

Wow!!! Before I announce the winners of this contest, I'd like to thank ALL 10 bloggers who entered. My family had SO much fun reading your stories and arguing over scores. Winners please remember, your stories will be featured on Anecdote within a few weeks- so if you were a winner but your story didn't have a title- PLEASE come up with one to make things easier. So, without further ado, the WINNERS of Treble Clef's 100 Follower Celebratory Writing Contest!

In third place, with 359 out of 400 points.....


and her story about the bear attack!

Congrats! You win this award:

In second place, with 367 out of 400 points...


With her take on the classic Snow White!

You receive this award and a makeover be Amanda. I'll post the link on your blog 'cause the only place I have it is on my other account and, well, I forgot to copy it. :)

And finally. In first place....

With a whopping 390 out of 400,


With her riveting short story: If Tomorrow Never Came.

Izori, you have won a custom makeover by Awel Prince! Just click HERE and tell her that you won the contest and she'll figure out your *new* blog look. You also get this award:

Thanks again to EVERYONE who entered. It ended up being a very close contest- and I'm sure glad that I had three other judges to help make a decision, because I would have had a hard time doing it by myself!

Anyway, I'm off to band camp tomorrow for this next week and so I'll see y'all next Saturday!


Amanda said...

Congratulations to all of the winners! I can't wait to start working on the blog!
The link to my design studio is
And my email is

Eldarwen said...

Congratulations, girls!! =D I never got a chance to read everyones stories and now that I have some free time, I think I'll "back-track" and read 'em all. Thanks for doing this, Cornet!! It was fun! =D

☪Dreamstar said...

How many points did I get? Just curious

☪Dreamstar said...

Oh... And congrats to the winners!

MadiShae said...

Can you tell me how many points I got? I'm gessing 219.

Cornet Crazie said...

Thanks for leaving the link Amanda :)

I do still have all the point sheets if people want to know their scores.

Dreamstar, you had 344.

MadiShae- You did better then 219! You had 265; good job!

The Golden Eagle said...

Congrats to the winners!

Elizabeth Rose said...

Ooh, yay, I won 2nd! *jumps up and down* Congratulations to Izori and Katherine Sophia - your stories were wonderful. And thank you so much for hosting this, Cornet. It's been a lot of fun! :)

In Christ,
Lizzy Rose

horse lover said...

YAY!! GO IZORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice!! I'm SO happy for you you wouldn't believe it!

-Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training

Melody said...

Yay! Congrats, gals!

I guess I would like to know how many points I got too... *sheepish grin* :D


☪Dreamstar said...

Cool! :) That's great. :)

Izori said...

Wow. I'm still in shock! Thank you so much, Cornet, for having this contest! Congrats to the other winners!

Megan said...

could you tell me how many points I got? My story was really stupid, but I'm just wondering.


Maggie said...

Horray to the winners! Yay! Will we be able to read their stories?


Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks, Cornet Crazie! That was a fun contest! :) And congratulations Lizzy and Izori!

MadiShae said...

Woah, Dream, I told you yours would be amazing! Even if you didn't win.


Cornet Crazie said...

I loved hosting this contest everybody! I'm probably not going to have another contest for a while; I'm planning a big party with a contest and stuff for my 1000th post, but if we hit a huge landmark (200 followers, etc) or I'm bored and stuff, there will be more to enter!

(Melody, you got 345. Megan, you had 207.)

Katie Rose said...

Where do we read the stories?

Katie Rose