I'm Melting! I'm Melting!

Two words. Heat wave. Apparently my state is heading into the worst heat wave since 2002 (?) and now on day's torture. The pain, oh the pain! Anyway, I'M HOME!!!! Last night was Elrania's birthday party and it was sooo much fun. We went swimming at the beach, ate pizza, made LoTR videos/parodies of the first two books/movies (I played Frodo, Gimli and Sarumon) and watched a movie (A cute little chick flick called View From The Top) Anyway, we're about to head to the beach so I'll talk to you later (or I hope to anyway. There's a great chance that I may just melt awaaaaaaaayyyyy.......)


Eldarwen said...

Wow! Sounds like Elrania had a nice birthday party, and it sounds like you had a great time!! 8D The beach?! I'm SO jealous! ;)

Izori said...

It's 101 degrees F here. Way too hot!

Maggie said...

I hate when it is hot outside and the church camp I go to is always the hottest week of the summer every year! It is crazy. Plus, one of the buildings didn't have air conditioning this year because it broke.

Enjoy your time at the beach and please don't melt. :)