Well this is just GREAT.

I just heard the news today. We're not allowed to bring our laptops home over February vacation. :'( So sad. I had high hopes too, of

1. Taking some great pics from Saddleback Mountain and Rangely in general, (maybe even have my dad try and take some of me doing tricks on the terrain park) and then when we got back to the hotel being able to upload them here to blogger

2. Being able to access Blogger, Facebook and Gmail while away from home

3. Getting a couple chapters done on TS

4. etc, etc, etc

Grrrrr, Boooo :P


Katie G. said...

Aw man. :( I have been enjoying reading your blog!

Alexandra said...


~Prism~ said...

Aw, I'm going to miss your posts!

God Bless,

Ripplestar said...

I know! It's so unfair. They didn't even tell us why...

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sure you will have a wonderful time that you will forget
all about your laptop:-). and if you miss your blog then bring a journal and do it like it was your blog...and when you get back to your laptop then type down everything you wrote in your journal
and put it on
just so you wont forget what you would put:-D.

have fun and don't let your laptop make your vacation horrible!
~Noelle A.K.A Elle