this is the THRILL-SEEKING life

What a day! Loved every minute of it, :) and boy am I tired out! It was a great thrill-seeking day. Did lots of stuff on the t-bar, some good terrain park runs, (OMG the rails and canyon jumps were awesome!) tons of mogul runs (thus the busted knees) and some adventures up to which I will now explain.

After lunch, I met up with Halestone and Quinnie and a couple of their friends and we went to do some runs at the top. Well let me just tell you. AMAZING. (and uh..............highly dangerous and risky.....yeah.......) We only ended up doing three runs because the wind up there was blowing so hard. I don't know how hard it actually was but I had difficulty staying on my feet! And if that wasn't the only thing! The clouds were even lower than yesterday so it was like skiing blind, only it was totally cool. Like seriously, the only thing you could see was cloud and snow and occansionly a glimpse of a bright colored coat.

But all and all I had a great time and I can't wait for a final day tomorrow! But for now it's off for a hot dinner of mozzarella sticks and ceasar salad over at the Red Onion!


Ripplestar said...

Sounds awesome! Occansionly? Do you mean occasionally? Or occasional?

Izori said...

Skiing sounds really awesome. Believe it or not, I have NEVER skied (sp?) in my entire life.