Life is so much better now

Ya know, I've actually had a really great day. Funny how that happens, doesn't it? Anyway, I had been on the computer for quite a long time this morning contently checking e-mail and facebook for honors updates. It seemed pretty bleak at first. No phone, no power over at the host site, and Mrs. Barry (my band director) couldn't get in touch with the host because of that. Well, finally we get some news at least. Mrs. Barry was going to drive to the school so that we could get our instruments. So my mom took me in, and Mrs. Barry told us that she was expecting a call from the coordinator very soon and that she'd get in touch with us so that we'd know the plan for tomorrow. Well, a little over an hour ago the phone rang. I was on my laptop working on Trumpet's Secret (I'm SO close to being done!) but I jumped up, grabbed the phone and answered. It was Mrs. Barry! And she brought the best news of all. The festival would go on as planned tomorrow! I nearly screamed. After going over details and she asking me to call a couple of people, she hung up. I was so happy, I was jumping up and down. And then my mom made it even better. She said that me, my brother, my brother's friend who was over and the boy, Zach, who lives next door could all walk down the street and get ice cream! It was so nice out, and it felt so much like spring with the sun shining, birds singing, walking down the street, chocolate shake in hand. So anyway, life's good. How about you? Off to finish up Trumpet's Secret now!


Erin said...

Hey thats awesome!!!
Its like SPRING where you are??? We have like 8 inches of snow!!! Well, im glad your festival is still on! Have fun tomorrow!

Alexandra said...

:D Congrats everything went well!