Back In The Routine

Yesterday was the first day back at school and it went pretty well (especially because I got my laptop back) except for this part:

French teacher: You have a quiz on Friday

Social Studies teacher: You have a quiz later this week and a test next week

Science teacher: You have a quiz on Wednesday

Language Arts teacher: You have a vocabulary quiz next Monday

The only subjects there was no quiz to study for were math (thank goodness) and band, but I still need to study and mark up my music for upcoming events. So, needless to say, I was completely bogged down with studying last night and so that's why I didn't post this until now. I *also* got another chapter all fully revised. Well, time to go have some breakfast and get ready for jazz band!


Alexandra said...

Whhhooooaaa. I that is just not fair :(


Alexandra said...
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•The Cornet Crazie• said...

no kidding! oops shouldn't be even on right now. should probably be studying.....

Ripplestar said...

Haha! Seventh grade seems pretty nice now, doesn't it?