A conversation

Elránia and I are in Science right now, and we're all done with our work so we'll have a little conversation here. I'll be in blue and she'll be in dark purple.

Science class is sooo boring........ AHHHHHHHHHH

*SHHHH!!!!* Mr Carter is right behind us!

i can't wait to find out if we made it into our school's talent show!

ME TOO! That's the first place I'm going tomorrow morning. To see the results!

NO, we actually don't find out until Thursday

WHAT?!?!?!? Did I totally blank out, or was I in jazz band?

you were in jazz band hitting malets, or however you spell that. mallets. 

That's TRAINING jazz. Friday mornings. Today was performance jazz so it was just sailing away on the high notes instead.

has it ever occurred to you that everyone seems to be bored silly in science class?

Yep, many times, but for goodness sake, *SHHHHHH!*

*giggles* oh yeah, right. I can't wait for band sectional! I'd better get the solo...

HEY! There's Mrs. Barry now! She just walked in the room!

LOL she just saw us typing and gave me a strange look :)

THE Mrs. Barry look. Oh's too bad we can never keep a straight face.

Yup. This should be an interesting sectional, wonder what she'll say to us.

If you ask me, it'll be a pretty boring one....

quizzes. oh yeah. i didn't practice, but somehow I always manage to do fine in band

Yep. I'm glad I took it early. Although I'm probably going to retake it. I couldn't go fast enough because I was too worried that my trombone slide would go flying across the room!

i love the piece 'enchanted'. it's so cool! and i want the first solo

I know! I *love* that song. At the beginning I see an image of a girl walking through the woods and  she's very frightened. Then when the tempo picks up it's like a witch comes out of nowhere and it's a heart racing chase through the woods. And then when it gets all dreamy it's like the witch caught the girl and is enchanting her until the very end with that last triange beat the witch casts the final spell and the girl dies.
That's what I picture too! in the middle of the piece I hear the Galadriel theme song.

Cool! Well, it's time to wrap up, cause it's almost time for sectional Bye!


Alexandra said...

Funny! :P

Ripplestar said...

Mrs. Barry didn't come into MY science class :(