Long Update

I couldn't really catch up on stuff while I was away, so I'm going to that today.

First off, our 3rd day of skiing went pretty well, except that it was still windy and even colder than Thursday. And I didn't really end the day all that well. I was on the terrain park doing a canyon jump that I had done many times before, but this time I had to much speed and not only cleared the gap, but the landing stage as well! So I found myself hurtling through the air, and I lost my balance and fell. Right on top of my left wrist. Ouch.

Next, here's my daybook

Date...February 20
Starting time...8:12AM
Mood... undecided 
Outside my blue sky's
I'm thinking...about the end of vacation
I'm reading...Harry Potter 4
I'm listening to...Night on Bald Mountain
I'm wearing...jeans and my jazz band t-shirt
Yesterday, I...came home from skiing
I'm excited for...honors festival and my birthday next weekend
I'm sad because...vacation is almost over
I'm hungry for...a bagel
The song stuck inside my head is...Scherzino (I'm practicing conducting it)
I want...a longer vacation
I love...conducting
I loathe...the end of vacation
This week, my goal not have a lot of homework
Did I meet last week's goal?...thankfully yes :)
Ending time...8:16AM

Next,  Eldarwen over at A Faithful Elven Princess is hosting a giveaway over at her blog! Go and check it out!

Finally, here are some pictures from our ski trip!

The ride up to the top on a cold chairlift.

The snow-covered trees were so pretty!

Me, after successfully completing the terrain park

XanFan thinks it would be rather amusing to stab me with his pole

The view from Gray Ghost, just below the clouds with me and XanFan


Alexandra said...

The pics are beautiful :)

Ripplestar said...

Heh heh, we trombonists really know how to poke people, considering the long slide we use.