Curse you!

I've said it many times before, but now I must say it one more time as it has ruined my day. CURSE YOU RAIN!!!!!!! It rained so hard that the brook and marsh by my house are completely flooded. The wind was also extremely extreme (lol) bringing down several trees and knocking power out of most of the neighborhood. (We have power though) Well, then we got the phone call saying that school was canceled. Normally I might have been like, "Cool! A flood day!" except that today was going to be like the best day ever. I was going to be at school bright and early for training jazz band, and then head off to the first day of the honors festival. (Which meant we got to skip school!) Go, have fun, come back to school and have a pizza lunch. After that we were going to go to our last class, which for me, was band. It was going to be so awesome! So we called my band director to find out what was happening but she really didn't know any details or anything so we're waiting for a call back. Sigh........ CURSE YOU RAIN!!!!!!! CURSE YOU!


Anonymous said...

You know Sally... NORMAL people would consider a "flood day" a NICE BREAK from going to school at 6:00 AM. Though it is admittedly a bummer you'll have to reschedule your festival, I find it hard to see your point of view... as always... Anyway... luv ya girl. :P

Izori said...

That's too bad! I hope you have a good day, anyway!

Erin said...

aww well thats too bad. I'm with you though, i love band as well. Just look at my blog, Random things. Well, hope u had a good day anyway!

Alexandra said...

Awww...sorry your plans didn't work out with you :(

I know how it feels though. When I was in Mexico *I stayed for 1 week* I was going to go snorkeling with my mom that day when I had the flu and I couldn't do anything for 2 days.