THIS is the life...

This morning my family woke up super early and drove the three hours up to Saddleback. And let me tell you- THE DAY WAS FANTASTIC. The slopes were powdery and I spent most of my time skiing down from the top. And it was soooo cool. We would take the t-bar up to take the new quad to the top, where we were deep in the clouds. The view is normally stunning but today the clouds were really low and it was actually quite erie skiing down these really steep trails and only being able to see for a 15/20 foot radius. Anyway, we're about to head off to dinner at the Red Onion, and I'm really looking forward to a plate of yummy pasta!


Ripplestar said...

Sounds like it was pretty fun!

Alexandra said...

Sounds like FUN!! Especially when you are IN clouds xD

I've never been skiing before..but I'm dying to try!