Buzzzz, Buzzzzz

Haha. You may be wondering what all the 'buzz, buzz' stuff in the title is, right? Well, last night was our school spelling bee, and let me just say I LOVE OUR JAZZ BAND!!!!! We played 4 songs and we also did sound effects during the bee. My favorite one that I did is that when one of the teachers got the word wrong, one of the things I would play was the first few bars of 'taps'.

Also, ever since the comment contest, I realized that no one was commenting on my posts anymore, or so I thought. No more e-mails came to me to moderate comments....but then I just realized STUPID CORNET CRAZIE DIDN'T TURN COMMENT MODERATION BACK ON. So I looked at all the posts since I realized it and they all had comments. I guess I just totally blanked out or something. LOL.

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Alexandra said...


That happens to me, too :D