snapshots (a guest post by vickii)

If you were to ask me my favorite thing to capture, I couldn't give you an honest answer.

Sure, I'd say something vague, like 'nature' or 'everyday life'. But a specific subject? No way.

I consider myself an amateur photographer, pretty comfortable with a camera but not too experienced for the grand title of a professional. I like variety in my photos, something different besides the standards I wish to pass.

Something simple, like a misplaced rubber band on the kitchen table, can quickly become beautiful.

Something ordinary, like my wildly-patterned curtains, inherited from my grandparents, can quickly become an abstract interpretation of life.

Something imperfect, a potted fern, can quickly become unique.
Photography is like an entire different language. Taking photos, editing them, smiling at those captured memories and careless snapshots taken with a friend - it's like retail therapy, only knowing that it comes from you. And browsing those blogs with the breathtaking photos, like these and these and these, well, it's truly therapeutic.
I swear - I swear - my hand was made to hold a camera. Without photography, without that variety in life, without those memories and that ability to transform an everyday item into something beautiful, I think I'd shrivel up and die or something.
Photography is beautiful. Photography is life.

I'd like to thank Sally for letting me guest post - I enjoy reading her blog, and I'm so glad I was able to help her out while she's having a lovely time at camp. :)

 a little bit about me...
What can I say? I love finding beauty in everything, embracing the small things, capturing memories and discovering new places. It's my dream to travel the world one day. iPod in pocket, camera in hand, I feel ready to accomplish anything. Photography and music are my life. It's lovely to meet you.  :)
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bwk said...

Really lovely photos!

Buttercup said...

You're a wonderful photographer, my friend! Great to meet another person who loves the grip of a camera as much as I do.

Janet said...

This is a beautiful guest post! Love all of your amazing pictures :) I feel the same - I wouldn't be able to live without photography :)