On A Mission

A final round of applause please for ALL of our guest posters, I'm now back and blogging full time, which I'm very happy about. Guest posters you will be receiving a thank you email shortly, and I hope that some of you will come back to guest post again.  I see that again we have gained a few more followers- up to 191 at the moment- WOW! Nearing 200!

As I think I had said, I was on a mission trip this past week working with the Maine Seacoast Mission in rural downeast Maine on home repair. My church group had two jobs, an interior/exterior cleaning and painting job and putting a skirt around a mobile home. I was on the skirting job, and it was a LOT of work. Fun though as our group tended to do a lot of laughing, and I mean a lot. 
It was a great week and it actually went by quite fast which I wasn't so sure about, and now I'm actually home through Monday until we go on our family trip to New Jersey.
Anyhoo....before I depart I'll share so pics from our week on a mission:

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