5 things to do if you're bored (a guest post by Hayley)

You know those weird summer days when you suddenly get really bored and have absolutely no idea what to do? Yeah, well if you're ever having one of those days, try a few of these ideas for things to do:

001. Bake some cupcakes, or maybe some cookies. Then give them to a neighbor or friend. :)

002. Make a jumbo crayon! They're great ideas for presents, and they're so much fun! :) Click here, to learn how to make them.

003. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootise Pop!

004. See how many hours... or days you can chew the same piece of gum for!

005. Go outside and take a whole lot of pictures. :)


Hello! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Hayley! You may notice that I'm a chatter-box and that I tend to ramble at times. Photography is my passion and I am constantly trying to capture the beauty in life. I also love to write and create things with my imagination. I enjoy improv and making people laugh. I am a Christian and love Jesus with all my heart! I adore everything vintage and bohemian. Visit me at my blog, Fish Flakes!

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Emilie said...

Those cupcakes look amazing!