music is... {guest post by Jocee}

the emotions that cannot be expressed through words
a desire that is too sacred to be uttered
a heart's can be joyous
a whole new world with caverns that have yet to be explored
my is more than my life. music is me. 
Just a single note can instigate a feeling within you and it can change your point of view on something. It can turn the tables. It can put you in someone's shoes that you may not have wanted to be in, but it did anyway.
I think it's very interesting how people may say that music is their life, and they may have a band or they may play an instrument, and when you take time out of your day to listen to them, they start playing and all you hear is noise. Pure noise. It may be the style of music that they're playing, or it may be the talent of the performer themselves.
Sometimes the style of music you listen to changes the most in your teen years. You may be a ballerina lover, who listens to the soundtrack of Swan Lake daily, and then you may suddenly switch to heavy metal. Whoa. What happened there?
And then music styles can change drastically in the parenting years. They may listen to the latest hits to impress their teens, or they may listen to the oldies. You know, the 1990's, early 2000's  ;)
For me, I'm a consistent lover of soundtrack {major John Williams fan over here, oh yeah!!} and a genre that can only be explained if you listened to it. It's the Jocee genre ;) But mostly, the music I listen to depends on my mood.
Happy ~ "Something in the Water" Brooke Fraser
Sad ~ "Someone Like You" Adele
Angry ~ "Imperial March" Star Wars - John Williams
Conflicted ~ "Near to You" A Fine Frenzy
Anything Else ~ "Rolling In the Deep" Adele
To me, these artists are sincere in their music. I mean, when they start playing, it doesn't sound like my sister's rendition of the "Hallelujah Chant". {which you probably don't wanna hear, by the way, no offense to my sister who's probably going to kill me later since she knows how to read now} It sounds like real music. Sometimes the artist reaches into the book called my soul and turns a page, and quotes me. It's amazing. 
When someone says music is their life, sometimes I think of an all boy band who practices in their dad's garage. The typical D+ average grades and trying to get a "gig" wherever they can. Maybe I'm stereotyping but sometimes you're going to have to specify was music is to you. 
Whether music is within you, or music is your food & drink, or if music is you.
It matters. Because it defines you.
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