everyday beauty (a guest post by hannah)

Anyone can find beauty in simple, everyday things. For instance, say your little brother is sitting across from you at your kitchen table and he's working hard on  his new math lesson. He's tapping his head with his pencil, lips pursed in concentration.
Then, suddenly, his little seven-year-old hands start scribbling away, his eyes dashing madly from his writing to the problem.

And you see the light in his eyes as he looks up at you with a big grin on his face, holding up his math book, saying, "I got it!"

Thats true beauty. When you really appreciate that moment, you understand that it was special.

Or when you wake up in the morning and you see the first sunlight coming through your bedroom window, and something just appeals to you about the way the light hits your favorite sandals. No, your not going crazy, it is beautiful.

If you decide it is.

People often forget how wonderful, how awesome everything is. We often just take things for granted, when really we should appreciate our time on this incredible earth, because you never know when it'll be over...

So go do something crazy.
Dance around in the street in the rain. Climb a tree and tie a balloon to one of its branches. Roll down the windows in the car and blast your favorite song, singing along loud and clear. Because you know what?
Whatever you do, wherever you go, and whoever you see along the way, let everyone know this:



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Emily Jacinta said...

LOVE this post!! Life is beautiful! =)

Johanna Johnson said...

In the first picture, is that Math-U-See?